Understand Global Exposure with CPC Advertising

Having an understanding of who your demographics are and understanding their needs, desires and interests are all part of creating a successful CPC campaign.

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How we help

Targeted Ads

We believe that you target audience are a defining factor of all your Ad campaigns, we believe that research should be conducted into these people, this is why we have spent 10 years developing research to aid us in creating a database of demographic data.

Ongoing Analytics

We will ensure that your ads are as dynamic as our research ensuring that time and effort is put into making sure your Ads remain relevant, adjusting what needs adjusting as soon as possible, all the analytics are conducted on a daily basis to ensure that we have the most accurate reading of your success.

Scheduled Ads

Timing is everything. Your customers should be able to access your Ads when they are searching for them rather than when you think that they will need them. Ensuring that your customer is being approached at the right time is paramount to the success of your campaigns.

No Fees

We don’t believe in charging for our services, we would prefer our customers to stay with us because they are seeing the results they want, this is why all of our advertising campaigns are run on a commission-only basis to ensure transparency and trust between us and our clients.

What is CPC?

CPC or Cost Per Click advertising is a form of advertising which is wholly based on the results of the cmapign. The most common form of CPC advertising is through GoogleAds, these are are adverts that appear in search results on Google based on variables that are set by the website, such as; the persons interests, their age, sex or location and what they searched for in the frist place.

These Ads have been a successful and relatively cost effective way of marketing, CPC is exactly what the name states, you (the business) only pay for the advertising when somebody clicks on your advert.

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What to look for when searching for a CPC Specialist?

When choosing a CPC/PPC specialist to work with you should ensure that you are working with a person who is competant in working with platforms such as; GoogleAds, Bing Ads and Facebook Ad Manager, when searching for a specialist ensure that there are accreditations are showing on their website.

If you are at all in doubt you can always ask to see their cirtification or as search engines for a recommendation.

Ready to get started?

We will always start by getting you on the phone and having a chat about what has worked for you up to now, what areas you need support in and then how we can best assist each other.

We will then prepare an in-depth analysis of your current advertising campaigns and have a look at the weaknesses and strengths, we will also include a detailed look at your demographics and target audience.

Once this is completed you will have time to look over our findings and then we will begin to create, develop and deploy your new advertising campaign.

From start to finish this process should take no more than two weeks.